2015-05-18 (M) Wind Generator Test Base

24" (610mm) threaded rods were too long for the 26" (660mm) spacing due to the clearance of the generating equipment. Additional clearance was also desirable to avoid wind turbulence from nearby turbines. Turbulence was also one reason stations were not all arranged horizontally. To help with clearances the base was angled a approximately five degrees. This small change in angle allows all the stations to sit levelly while each axle will clear the next station. Another option would have been to cut down each threaded rod. Yet another option would have been to remove two of the stations. The test base was angled by twisting the small stabilizing post.

Short clearance between stations

Stabilizing post parallel to the vertical test station structures

Stabilizing post twisted and resecured with a screw

Angled test stations

The structure was mounted on a balcony railing using U-bolts on the horizontal rail and bungee cord on the stabilizing post. Natural flexibility in the PVC and bungee cords allowed the structure to withstand strong gusts with no breaking or shifting. Proximity to a nearby tree may cause turbulence but all stations should experience similar turbulence. Testing under less-than-ideal conditions may also reveal a design most suited for implementation.

U-Bolts hold the structure horizontally

Bungee holding the stabilizing post vertically

Third floor view during the day

Files for Wind Generator Test Base:
The OpenSCAD file below is not necessary unless you want to change something
 To do:
  • Design electrical
  • Build electrical for controller
  • Debug program
  • Make program public
  • Test for usability
  • Go to next phase and test turbine designs

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