2015-05-20 (W) Wind Generator Test Base

Wiring on the terminal strip was rearranged by separating the DuPont wires and reconnecting on the terminal block side. This fast rearrangement due to the breadboard was a huge time saver.

Tangle of wires from controller

Stations were numbered from the bottom to the top so station one is at the bottom of the test base and station five is at the top. A large grounding wire (22AWG) was run to station three then branched out to each subsequent station. Each station was attached and appropriate wires were run to each terminal. Zip ties were used periodically to secure wires.

Each station

Test base with completed wiring

Files for Wind Generator Test Base:
The OpenSCAD file below is not necessary unless you want to change something
 To do:
  • Connect electrical to stations
  • Debug program
  • Go to next phase and test turbine designs

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2015-05-20 (W)