2015-05-24 (Su) Wind Generator Test Base

Since a suitable replacement for the controller could not be found the program was altered to send serial data instead of keyboard data. This was done simply by finding all the Keyboard commands and replacing them with Serial commands. Both used print commands so a find/replace worked for everything at once.

Program debugging was started. The second problem was the data registers for the voltage was meant to be float values, which are values which aren't limited to whole numbers. 1, 4, 6, 9 are all integers while 4.7, 9.25, 100.96 are all float values. When integers are rounded or truncated they lose precisions so no readings were visible.

Replacing Keyboard commands with Serial commands

Poorly formatted readout 

Properly formatted readout

There are still problems with the program. Only station five reported a voltage readout, but that readout corresponded with previously measured voltages. Unfortunately the station generating voltage was station one. A continuity test was performed and all wires showed correct connections but signals seemed weak. Since most wires are similar in distance relative readings can still be taken.

Testing continuity with a meter

Files for Wind Generator Test Base:
The OpenSCAD file below is not necessary unless you want to change something
 To do:
  • Connect electrical to stations 
  • Buy Arduino or Teensy
  • Test each station 
  • Debug program
  • Go to next phase and test turbine designs

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2015-05-24 (Su)