2015-05-26 (Tu) Wind Generator Turbine Design Tests

This project is a follow-up to the Wind Generator Test Base. A single base will be used for sequentially testing different turbine designs. The tests should give an idea of which turbine designs perform best and under which conditions so comparable turbines can be tested simultaneously and therefore with identical conditions.

Enough background.

A design was sketched for mounting two bottles next to one another while being supported by a 5/16" (8mm) threaded rod. The threaded rod was a standard part of the Wind Generator Test Base. The base will be less than 5mm thick to allow for it to fit between the cap and the bottle collar. With enough clearance two of the mounts could be staggered and the top pair of bottles could face perpendicular to the bottom pair to capture wind more efficiently.

Sketch of bottle holder

Two-liter soda bottles were purchased and measured. The diameter of the bottle, which will be important could not be measured directly with the digital calipers so the circumference was measured with a fiberglass tape measure.
Two-liter soda bottle
  • Circumference = 342mm
  • Diameter = 108.862mm ≈ 110mm
  • Bottle height ≈ 300mm
  • Bottle neck collar ≈ 33mm
  • Gap between collar and cap ≈ 5mm
  • Bottle thread OD = 27.78mm ≈ 28mm
  • Cap OD = 30.82mm ≈ 30.5mm
  • Cap retainer thickness = 3.97mm ≈ 4mm
Bottle measurements being taken

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