2015-05-11 (M) Wind Generator Test Base

The printed bearing adapters were inserted into the PVC T. A short carriage bolt was put into the pulley, followed by a washer, then a standard nut and finally a coupling nut. The end of the carriage bolt went approximately halfway through the coupling nut which left the other half for a carriage bolt from the other direction.

A long carriage bolt was inserted through one of the plastic bottle holders which was held in place with a couple of nuts. The rest of the bolt went through the bearings where it fastened to the other half of the coupling nut. Once the tension on the bearings was released by careful adjustment of the nuts very fluid motion was observed on the spinning bottles and pulley. The bearing adapters fit loosely into the PVC T so the adapter will be modified to fit securely.

While spinning the bottles the 3/4" PVC was tested for rigidity and performed well. Previously a PVC size reducer was going to be used in order to implement a larger diameter, maybe 2", pipe but there is no need.

Spinning fixture with unmodified bottles

Files for Wind Generator Test Base:
The OpenSCAD file below is not necessary unless you want to change something
 To do:
  • Design mounting rack for each test unit
  • Order bearings
  • Design electrical
  • Design and write program
  • Build
  • Test for usability
  • Go to next phase and test turbine designs

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