2015-06-11 (Th) Vibrating Distance Sensor

A second Vibrating Distance Sensor prototype was built using similar parts. This build was simplified by the fact that one prototype had been built and some of the steps had been streamlined in the first version. Since the build was more streamlined pictures were taken regularly in order to write a comprehensive set of directions.

Final look of device while drying

Photos to be used in instructions

After building the device and filling the gaps with silicone the program failed to function properly despite being tested during construction. This failure to operate could be due to some semi-conductive properties of the silicone caulk causing shorts on the sensor and controller. Conductivity will be tested when the silicone dries.

Files for Vibrating Distance Sensor:
The OpenSCAD files below are not necessary unless you want to change something

To Do:
  • Construct second prototype
  • Get prototype working
  •           OR
  • Build another prototype and use different potting compound
  • Write instructions

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