2015-06-24 (W) Vibrating Distance Sensor

An Instructable was started for the Vibrating Distance Sensor. To add some appeal to the cover image a quick sonar graphic was made in a drafting program by drawing thick green lines on a black background to look like an old sonar readout. The effect was not perfect. Instructables seem to do well when there is a developed cover image so an evening was spent to create some play between the fonts for the title and the sonar image.


Cover image for Instructable

Images were selected for the Instructable and arranged in order. Selected images were chosen from different blog posts throughout the project. For demonstration sake they have been compiled below but will appear in full resolution for the Instructable and not animated. Full resolution images were selected rather than the scaled version uploaded through Google and Blogger.

Scaled compilation of images

9V Connector
9V battery
Attiny85 Arduino
Tactile switch
Vibrator motor
STL Model for flashlight adapter
3/4" #10 bolt*
#10 end nut *
Super glue
Hot glue stick
1" Schedule PVC * White plumbing pipe

* These items are cheaper to purchase from a hardware store than order online.

Files for Vibrating Distance Sensor:
The OpenSCAD files below are not necessary unless you want to change something

To Do:
  • Write instructions
    • Collect photos from blog
    • Arrange photos according to instruction order
    • Make Instructable

The rest of the posts for this project have been arranged by date.

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2015-06-24 (W)