2015-07-01 (W) Automated Aerator and Laser Show for Domestic House Pets

Two relay coils were attached to the axis pins of the Arduino. Magnetic fields were sensed off of the coils which fluctuated in correspondence with the LEDs. Coils were arranged so they were under the corners of the mirror then hot glued in place.

Coils attached to Arduino

Coils glued to enclosure

Magnets were glued to the underside of the mirror at opposite corners and the pivoting material, tape and rubber, was built up to accommodate the added height. The mirror and magnet assembly sat parallel to the enclosure surface when the magnets were suspended on the fishing lure material. Putting the magnets on top of the mirror would have been easier but would have also added to the air gap. Ideally the only gap between the magnet and coil would be the compressible fishing lure material but the enclosure is currently between them as well for the purposes of testing. When the final design is created the gap should be minimal.

Magnets under mirror

Magnet-mirror resting on fishing lure material over coils

Videos were made to show how the mirror realigns based on the magnetic field. First, a video was made which looked similar to the video made yesterday which showed the deflection while looking back at the camera lens. Second, a video was made which shows a laser dot jumping around while projected on a white surface. To exaggerate the laser deflection a convex mirror will be added. By pointing the laser at a convex mirror a small change in angle will cause the reflected angle to vary greatly in comparison to the device.

Video showing mirror angle changes

Video showing laser deflection

To Do:
  • Design structure
  • Buy convex mirror
  • Build structure 
  • Write instructions
    • Make a linkable parts list
    • Draw schematic 

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2015-07-01 (W)