2015-07-02 (Th) Magnetic Implant Magic Box COMPLETED

I wanted a fun and visual way to demonstrate the potential of finger magnets to people at Convergence July 2-5 2015. The idea behind this is a volunteer will place two magnets in two slots contained in the box while I look away. The magnets will be marked with different colors on each pole. The magnets will either be facing the same way or opposite and using my implants I will tell the volunteer, and everyone watching, if the magnets are facing the same direction or opposite directions.

Enough background.

A simple wooden box was purchased from a hobby store. The box was chosen for its simple design and dark hardware. All hardware was removed. Seams on the box were secured with glue so very little hardware had to be removed. "Kona" color wood stain was chosen to stain the box. A layer was applied and wiped. After drying for a few hours a coat of polyurethane was applied and allowed to dry. Once dry the polyurethane was sanded with fine grit paper and water. Hardware was reinstalled. These steps were standard steps for finishing a wood box so they were kept succinct.

 Unfinished wooden box

No hardware

Stain allowed to dry

Polyurethane freshly applied

Finished wooden box

Measurements were taken so a base could be built up. Specifications for the base were taken to build one which could easily display the magnets and still clear the inside of the lid. Two pieces of 3/4" (20mm) thick MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) were cut to the same shape as the inside of the box. Three pieces of 1/8" (3mm) MDF were cut to the same shape then trimmed to be a bit smaller. Holes were drilled in the top layer of the thin MDF which were the same size as the magnets to make sockets. Small holes were drilled through all the layers to keep the MDF together. The inside of the lid was also given a layer of stain but not polyurethane.

 Taking measurements

Thin layers of MDF

Sockets for magnets

Magnets in finished box

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