2015-07-07 (Tu) Automated Aerator and Laser Show for Domestic House Pets

Real measurements were taken for the model using a digital caliper which could measure millimeters to two decimal places. Measurements were transcribed into the program written yesterday to build a usable model. 1/4" (8mm) bolts were decided upon since they can easily be purchased in long lengths with full threads. Carriage bolts can be easily purchased in this size but smaller size carriage bolts were more difficult to find.

Screenshot of code and model

Print of model

To Do:
  • Take measurements for real items
  • Implement measurements in model
  • Print part
  • Publish stl and scad files online
  • Assemble test unit
  • Test array
  • Build structure 
  • Write instructions
    • Make a linkable parts list
    • Draw schematic 

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2015-07-07 (Tu)