2015-07-11 (Sa) Automated Aerator and Laser Show for Domestic House Pets

Servos will be a better solution for this project. They are easy to aim, they do not require calibration, they are inexpensive, they are easy to obtain, mounts are inexpensive to buy or print, and they have a long history. Electromagnets and mirrors are exciting and should make for an interesting project in the future but for the average EE and cat owner servos are a better choice.

Hardware was gathered which included two 9G servos and a 2-axis mount. Pieces were assembled and two servo testers were powered and attached to demonstrate the flexibility of the servos. Hot glue was used to attach the laser module to the servo mount which was pointed at the wall and aim while video was shot.

 Spare servo parts, servos, and servo mount

Assembled servo mount

Servos moving with a single servo tester

Video of servos in action

OpenSCAD file for structure
STL file for structure

To Do:
  • Create Arduino shield and structure
  • Build structure
  • Write instructions
    • Make a linkable parts list
    • Draw schematic 

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