2015-07-14 (Tu) Automated Aerator and Laser Show for Domestic House Pets

Scope creep reared its head with the light sensor. While this would be a great improvement it is not something that will be added at this time. Another improvement would be to put patterned paper in the clear container to hide the electronics. One more improvement could be remote buttons to manually activate the pump or laser. Infrared remote for manual laser pointing. Scope creep.

Programming changes were made to the timers so the pump was active for only a few seconds but more frequently. Same goes for the laser show. This same rig could be used to experiment with tracing paths using a laser for light graffiti but has not been used that way yet. This project will be finished when instructions are made.

A simple stand was made from PVC pipes and a right angle coupler. Pieces were taken from a disused structure lying around. Hot glue was used to adhere the clear baseball card case to the PVC stand. Rotational photography was used to get a better view of the object.

Case and PVC stand glued together

Rotational view of project

Arduino Code for servo/laser cat toy
OpenSCAD file for mirror/laser structure

To Do:
  • Create Arduino shield and structure
  • Build structure
  • Test pump
  • Attach power source
  • Add base
  • Add light sensor
  • Reprogram timers
  • Write instructions
    • Make a linkable parts list
    • Draw schematic 

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2015-07-14 (Tu)