2015-07-23 (Th) RFID Authenticator

More updates to the code! Short update so as to not bore anyone. Revisions were made so that when the Master tag is scanned a tag can be written to the non-volatile memory. Unfortunately the Master tag has a habit of writing itself to those memory locations a bunch of times and the other tags duplicate themselves as well.

Screen cap of memory registers. Tag #1 is the Master tag

RFID Authenticator Arduino Code

To do:
  • Define necessities of code
    • Act like commercial version
      • Allow new tags to be recognized after scanning master key
      • Do not duplicate tags in memory storage
      • Pin goes high only when recognized tags are in place
    • Different pin goes high when unrecognized tag is scanned (tampered)
    • VERY first tag scanned becomes master tag
  • Make linkable list of parts

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2015-07-23 (Th)