2015-07-30 (Th) Wrist Mounted Chording Keyboard

Several changes were made to the model to fix a list of problems. Instead of relying on a carefully placed lock nut to ensure easy movement on the key lever arm an axle was crated on the receiver piece. The receiver piece was the one which had two bolts in the previous version. The axle was mated with a large hole in the key lever arm. To alleviate difficult alignment issues a hole was modeled at the back of the receiver piece and spacers were built into the pieces. At the rear hole a column was added which acted as a spacer for the next piece. For the front hole, the common axle, a flanged spacer was modeled. Flanging was needed to keep the key lever arm moving perpendicular to the axle.

Rotating view of updated pieces

Print of assembly side 1

Print of assembly side 2

To do:
  • Revise model and reprint
  • Add electronics
  • Figure a way to mount
  • Figure a way to move hinge pieces
  • Make model and OpenSCAD code public
  • Write keyboard code

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