2015-08-06 (Th) Wrist Mounted Chording Keyboard

The person who introduced me to the septambic keyboard was Gavin Madkins, a fellow transhumanist. His own chording keyboard build sparked my curiosity months ago and ever since then it has been in the back of my mind. Thank you!

Enough background.

The other end of the red Ethernet cable had the sheathing removed from the end to expose the eight wires inside. Each wire was stripped 1/8" (5mm) and tinned. A coupler was put between the two ends of the cable and continuity tests confirmed that all wires were soldered securely and due to the type of coupler all the wire colors matched.

Keyboard and coupled cables

The common wire on the keyboard was connected to GND on the controller since all switches will utilize the built-in pull-up resistors from the controller. Wires were soldered in order, starting with the pinky finger on pin 4 and ending with the far thumb wire on pin 10.

Keyboard soldered to controller

To do:
  • Secure Ethernet wire with a cable clamp
  • Solder Ethernet wire to controller
  • Figure a way to mount to wrist
  • Figure a way to move hinge pieces
  • Make model and OpenSCAD code public
  • Write keyboard code

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