2015-08-10 (M) Wrist Mounted Chording Keyboard

Actual measurements for the device and equipment were taken so a model could be programmed. Several changes to the configuration were made so pieces wouldn't interfere during operation. Instead of a solid piece of plastic for the bottom holes and vertical faces were made so threaded rod could be installed which would link the pieces. Chrome and steel should fit the aesthetics of the project well.

Pieces being measured

Freehand rotation of servo mount

Using threaded rod to join two halves meant that the threaded rods would be where the structure would mount to the wrist. A second piece was created which would allow straps parallel to the forearm to hold the structure against the forearm. This piece was modeled in orange. The pieces modeled were meant to be printed twice. The red, blue, purple piece is for mounting the servo while the orange piece was meant for mounting to the wrist.

Rotating view of pieces

A full set was printed

To do:
  • Secure Ethernet wire with a cable clamp
  • Make model and OpenSCAD code public
  • Write keyboard code

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