2015-08-15 (Sa) Wrist Mounted Chording Keyboard

Coding for the keyboard hit a huge stride. Every alphanumeric character from the basic chording chart was programmed. Not every combination was tested but a message was typed, slowly, which showed that numbers and capitals were working. Keys like Caps Lock and Num Lock have not been properly programmed yet.

Screenshot of first typed message using keyboard

Programming for this revision was left intact for anyone who wants to see the progress. Codebender.cc has turned out to be an amazing service and I just donated a few dollars. Their service was totally free and from what I've seen really well maintained. Code, shown below, utilized nested switch statements for typing a letter based on the keys pressed and prefix, like 'shift.' Switching code starts at line 114 of 754 total lines.

Not final code

To do:
  • Program Arduino Micro to act as wired keyboard
    • Add advanced characters
    • Add locking keys like Caps Lock and Num Lock 
  • Make list of unused chords
    • Add macro commands
  • Add SoftwareSerial port to Micro to send ASCII data to Bluefruit.
  • Use the  SoftwareSerial port to "type" data to the USB keyboard.
  • Route incoming data to Bluefruit as well.
  • Modify servos for continuous rotation.
  • Automate wrist mount.
  • Make model and OpenSCAD code public
  • Write keyboard code

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