2015-08-17 (M) Wrist Mounted Chording Keyboard

Advanced characters normally typed by holding the far thumb [F] button were programmed. Unlike the basic chords for the alphabet and numbers the advanced characters for the far thumb did not match the published codes exactly. Only two keystrokes remained the same from the published chords to the programmed chords. A comparison between the two is shown below with the published chords on the left and the programmed chords on the right.

Published chords on the left and the programmed chords on the right

Changes from the published chordset came from a desire to move from the keyboard commands which were seldom used to a keyset which reflected modern usage. Additionally, mouse buttons were added and a chord was left blank so there would be room to integrate an accelerometer controlled mouse.

Programmed keys for a right handed chorder

While testing chords as they were being programmed many unwanted characters were being typed. Mechanically bouncy switches seemed to be the problem so the key read delay was changed in 5mS increments from 5mS to 20mS as seen on line 58 and line 64 of the code.

Code to date

To do:
  • Program Arduino Micro to act as wired keyboard
    • Add advanced characters typed with near thumb [N]
    • Make uniform looking and accurate chord tables (spreadsheet)
  • Make list of unused chords
    • Add macro commands
  • Add SoftwareSerial port to Micro to send ASCII data to Bluefruit.
  • Use the  SoftwareSerial port to "type" data to the USB keyboard.
  • Route incoming data to Bluefruit as well.
  • Modify servos for continuous rotation.
  • Automate wrist mount.
  • Make model and OpenSCAD code public

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