2015-10-14 (W) Wrist Mounted Chording Keyboard

Enclosure modeling has been problematic by coincidence or fault. Models seemed to render properly but the printing software refused to create printable data. The previous model, which used internal ledges for the screws would print without issues but the lid on the new model was not recognized by the printer’s software. When the lid was rendered it was nothing more than a basic cube surrounded by four wings for the bolts to pass through. Several things were tried like rendering the lid and enclosure separately and copy-pasting the screwWing code rather than the use<> statement. All results were the same.

Rotating view of enclosure

A second enclosure module was planned which would have cones on the outside of the enclosure near the lid. This version would print without supports due to the cone shape and not require long bolts to span the whole height of the enclosure.

Downloadable Files:
To do:
  • Wrist mount
    • Terminal board
      • Input voltage
        • USB
    • Make base for keyboard
      • Spacers 
      • Magnet mounts
    • Integrate:
      • Enclosure for each controller
        • Potentiometer access
      • Activation switch
    • Debug 
    • Test
    • Refine
    • Repeat
  • Write instructions
    • Compress and link to all files
      • OpenSCAD files
      • STL models
      • Arduino code 
    • Make diagram with every part labeled 
    • Schematic for servo controller
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