2015-10-17 (Sa) Second Annual IOTHackDay Robotic Xylophone

Last year I participated in the first annual IOTHackDay and I met cool people and had fun. Yesterday I participated in the second annual IOTHackDay. I did and it was a blast. The team I was on built an automated xylophone, or glockenspiel. We had been building it for a month and saving the programming for the IOTHacDay itself. This was a whole project and instructions to duplicate it may be created someday but today I just want to give some teaser pictures of what happened and show the people who made it happen.

Electronics including an Arduino MEGA and 20 relays for controlling 120VAC 

Another view of the electronics. 
This reminded me of some of the industrial wiring I've done for my job 

Workshop view. Ladies showing off the xylophone platform on the left.
Me on the right pretending to be concentrating

Ladies on the left, teammate Josh on the right operating a drill press 

Another demonstration of the platform. Inexpensive lumberyard wood stained

Test coding on the computer and rocking out on the right

The rest of the pictures were taken at the IOTHack day event

Our table was hidden away in a corner. We made a lot of noise with our marching band glockenspiel

One of the first attempts at applying power sent this solenoid to the electronics graveyard 

Doug, with the beard, joined our team the day of the event 

 Panorama shot of our secluded corner

We finally brought our xylophone into the demonstration area and fine tuned some of the mallets 

 Top-down view of the xylophone, mallets, and mechanics. Only 14 keys were needed to play a song

Panorama of the event in full swing

Our team didn't win and we didn't care one bit because we had so much fun hanging out and finally seeing this project WORK. Our chimes filled this event space with a Harry Potter song, Hedwig's Theme. It drew attention and we had a lot of people ask intelligent questions and they really saw what we were trying to do.

The group assembled made this project so much fun and there's still work to be done. In the end this project will not just be controlled by an Arduino but the input mechanism will be an EEG (electroencephalograph). That's right, brain controlled music. If more progress is made on this there will be updates.

First time here?
Completed projects from year 1.
Completed projects from year 2.

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