2015-10-18 (Su) Wrist Mounted Chording Keyboard

Code was written to test the new configuration which features a TSAL6100 emitter, TSOP4856 receiver and an RGB LED. Color functions for the LED worked well. Three pins, 9, 10 and 11, which were all capable of supplying a PWM sign, were used for the LED pins. Applying different intensities proved the PWM signal worked well and the LED was hooked up correctly. Each color may not be hooked to the correct pin but that change can be done in software.

Code which tested the proximity switch didn’t function properly. After trying different variables and seeing unreliable results the problem was suspected to be unfiltered power on the part of the receiver or the unregulated emitter. Limiting and filtering components will be added as necessary.
  • 1KΩ resistor in line with the emitter.
  • 100Ω resistor in line with the power for the receiver
  • 10µF capacitor from the Vcc to Gnd for the receiver
Values for the emitter were based on testing and reading AnalysisIR
Values for the receiver were based on Miles Tag receivers.

Success with RGB light

Downloadable Files:
To do:
  • Wrist mount
    • Make base for keyboard
      • Spacers 
      • Magnet mounts
    • Debug 
    • Test
    • Refine
    • Repeat
  • Write instructions
    • Compress and link to all files
      • OpenSCAD files
      • STL models
      • Arduino code 
    • Make diagram with every part labeled 
    • Schematic for servo controller
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