2015-10-24 (Sa) Wrist Mounted Chording Keyboard

Pictures were going to be taken in order to label all the parts but too many problems needed to be fixed before the project was acceptable. Everything worked but too many details were not acceptable. The day was spent scrutinizing details of the project looking for things which were necessary to make it function well. Small details, like long screws, were ignored before because they were not integral to the basic functionality but now shortening those bolts is important.

Since there are more parts to this project than most previous projects new photos will be taken to help someone recreate this project instead of only reusing files from the blog. A single .zip file should be able to contain all the relevant files such as the chord diagram, Arduino code, and printer files.


 Distance sensor, servo controller, wrist mount actuator

To do:
  • Reprint emitter-receiver tube
  • Solder connections for new emitter-receiver tube with flexible wire
  • Trim bolts on wrist mount (3)
  • Use locknuts on hinge points (2)
  • Insert screws into servo horns into servo (2)
  • Print longer spacers for hinge-side keyboard end 26.5mm long (2)
  • Write instructions
    • Compress and link to all files
      • OpenSCAD files
      • STL models
      • Arduino code 
    • Name everything and use name uniformly throughout instructions
    • Make diagram with every part labeled 
    • Schematic for servo controller
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