2015-11-11 (W) Lock Pick Holders

Lock picks may not be legal in your area. It's up to you research that and act legally. Picks shown here are cosmetic only and are not to be used or owned illegally.

When I started designing a cyberpunk costume I wanted the accessories to be functional items. Rather than just an arm-mounted display I will strap my phone to my arm. Rather than order a replica DBZ scanner and paint it black I wanted to put a lensed smart watch near my eyes so I could see notifications as they arrive. For my other arm I want to display lock picks. They're appropriate to the costume and their black and chrome look doesn't hurt either.

The goal was to have a brace of uniform mounts where the picks would be plainly visible. and easy to access like they were used by someone in a hurry. They should also be protected against accidental snagging.

Enough background.

Designing was done on paper to start. A roughly proportional sketch was made which showed the tray for the pick to rest in, four hawses to pass elastic material through which were highlighted in blue, and a flat region where the pick’s tip could rest without snagging on clothing or rubbing on skin. At the point where the handle ends there is a break in the tray’s lip for a magnet to be mounted. Using a small magnet allows the pick to be taken out or replaced very quickly. The hawses in the back will keep the elastic band suspended a little so the pick can be slid underneath and held there.

Sketch of pick design

Modeling was done after taking actual measurements from the pick and some small stocked magnets. 3mmØ x 1.5mm magnets were on hand. Elastic band was only 1mmØ but the hole was oversized to ensure the band could slide through the hole with little resistance.

Model of pick holder

After printing a magnet was glued in place with Super Glue. Never use hot glue on neodymium magnets. The pick did not fit perfectly so revisions will be made to the model and printed again.

Magnet glued to holder

Downloadable Files:
To do:
  • Revise holder according to measurements
  • Print and build revised model. Revise again if necessary
  • Assemble full set with elastic cord
  • Write instructions

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