2015-11-14 (Sa) Lock Pick Holders

More modeling changes were made. The last round of changes didn't accurately account for the shape of the pick which was peculiar. Grooves in the side of the tray were made so it would have the appearance of a set which would allow picks to be retrieved in a hurry.

Spinning view of model

Lineup of oldest to newest revisions 

Animated lineup

To add the to illusion that these picks were tools with some use and personality they were given cloth tape and women's names written in marker. Friction tape, normally used on hockey sticks, was used in a single layer. Each wrench was also given a layer of tape. Another tray for holding the wrenches will be designed but will only feature a rectangular tray with large embedded magnets. Names were taken from my old random name generator.

Taped picks

Named picks next to baby name book

Downloadable Files:
To do:
  • Revise holder according to measurements
  • Print and build revised model. Revise again if necessary
  • Assemble full set with elastic cord
  • Write instructions 

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