2015-11-19 (Th) Desktop Chording Keyboard

Stain was applied to the wooden pieces according to instructions, probably. "Kona" shade wood stain was stocked so it was used. A dark look was desired and the shade had been used on the Magnetic Implant Magic Box. All pieces were stained on all sides and allowed to to absorb before the stain was wiped away with paper towels. Five hours elapsed from when the stain was wiped away until a coat clear polyurethane was applied and allowed to dry. Latex gloves were not available so a lot of residue of the stain and polyurethane was visible the next day.

Stained pieces waiting to dry
Freshly poly'd pieces

Stained hands and a coffee mug

To do:
  • Stain
  • Finish
    • Apply polyurethane
    • Sand/buff when dry
  • Build base
    • Construct or shape
    • Drill wiring holes
    • Stain
    • Finish
    • Attach keypads
  • Wire buttons to RJ45 connector
  • Attach to controller and test
  • Write instructions

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