2015-11-21 (Sa) Desktop Chording Keyboard

When the polyurethane was dried all the pieces were were sanded on their exposed sides using wet/dry abrasive sheets. Fine, 800grit, sheets were used and the residue was wiped away. Nylon and brass washers were purchased to space the keys. Only the nylon washers were necessary but brass washers capable of encompassing the nylon washers were purchased to add some style between the keys and aid in keeping the switches aligned.

Key pads were assembled by relying on the tension of the brass rods in the end pieces. Tension will not be sufficient once the keyboard wiring is completed. A base will have to be constructed which keep the end pieces in place. It may be ergonomical to elevate the pads to meet the hand more comfortably. A 3D model could be a new project which could have a parametric entry for the elevation.

Assembled finger keys with brass corners

To do:
  • Finish
    • Sand/buff when dry
  • Build base
    • Construct or shape
    • Drill wiring holes
    • Stain
    • Finish
    • Attach keypads
  • Wire buttons to RJ45 connector
  • Attach to controller and test
  • Write instructions

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