2015-11-25 (W) Desktop Chording Keyboard

Model pieces were revised to use a larger hub but this turned out to be unncessary. Key wobbling was due to a loose bolt, not the key lever hubs. This revision will not be reversed since the larger hubs should be more durable. Pieces for a complete keyboard were printed although the finger pad featured the original small hubs while the thumb pad uses the new large hub. Both pads felt and worked identically.

Assembled finger pad, side 1

Assembled finger pad, side 2

The keypads were sturdy enough but didn't feel as rugged as the wooden version. It would be possible to add bolt holes on the base pieces, far from the hub, so that the two sides could be linked together but this would not allow for any change in the distance between the two pads. Given the amount of usable keyspace this could be acceptable.

Thumb pad in foreground

Hand held in typing position

To do:
  • Increase hub size
  • Print thumb switches
  • Assemble
  • Publish models
    • Finished stl model with 0º base
    • Finished stl model with 15º base
    • OpenSCAD code
  • Build plastic base
    • Cut shape from sheet
    • Drill wiring holes
    • Attach keypads
  • Build wooden base
    • Design
    • Construct or shape
    • Drill wiring holes
    • Stain
    • Finish
    • Attach keypads
  • Write instructions

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