2015-12-05 (Sa) Desktop Chording Keyboard COMPLETED: 3D Printed Keyboard

Printed spacers were drilled at the bolt holes to ensure that bolts could easily pass through. Some plastic was removed. The bolt holes were not printed perfectly but the drill bit corrected the print.

 Keyboard halves tipped up and spacers on the table

Everything was assembled by removing the keyboard bolts farthest from the switches. Bolts farthest from the switches were closest to each other when the keyboard was assembled. Spacers were placed on the bolt cross-members with a nut between them for stability and spacing.

 Spacers attached a nut-width apart

 All the nuts were tightened with a screwdriver and wrench. Nuts were not overtightened since that could deform the plastic and there was no need to have the parts over tightened. The rigidity of the spacers was enough to keep the keys stable in relation to one another and also provided enough friction to keep the unit in the same shape after carrying it without support.

Underside of keyboard with spacers fastened

A nylon cable clamp was added on one side of the thumb switches to keep the salvaged Ethernet cord in place. Fastening the cable also reduces the risk of pulling wires out of place during movement.

Topside of keyboard

 Finished keyboard left side

Finished keyboard right side

Hand placement for keyboard

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