2015-12-09 (W) Rubber Stamps From 3D Printer COMPLETED

This project wrapped up nicely. In truth, all the writing was done in a single day and that took six hours. The first picture and the last picture were taken a month apart. This project didn’t all happen at once, far from it. I divided it into four days but I touched this project on a dozen different days but noteworthy progress was sparse. The final day was more work than the previous thirty days.

Enough background

An Instructable was made in a day. Text was written. It was a comparatively short one at 550 words. A cover image was created. The cover image was a cropped shot from the blog pictures which had some touch ups done to the color. A border and text were added.

 Cover image

Several things were done to make the Instructable appealing. Text was added to the picture which showed that the project was suitable for children. A cost breakdown of producing an entire alphabet was included in the introduction. The steps were limited to five. One step features the Instructables robot mascot as an example of creating custom stamps. Hopefully these tricks will make it a popular Instructable.
Instructable screenshot


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