2015-12-18 (F) Weekly Summary

l normally write my blog posts in third person with the exception of my Friday Summaries which are written, you guessed it, in first person. My blog posts are past tense but my Friday Summaries jump from present tense to past tense. These summaries can come close to one thousand words so I try to take them casually or I will burn myself out for the rest of the day. Plus, they are written in a vernacular tone and much less objective.

This week I did some creative writing which is a different than writing this blog. It is a nice change of pace to sit at a keyboard and type without referring to phone pictures and searching for relevant links. I am not a great story teller but I enjoy this and it makes me feel productive.

Also, I made a silly graphic. I am not a designer in case you couldn’t tell.

I made it myself. Can you tell?

On a more serious note I started working on the implantable compass again. This project has been through more failed iterations than any other project. By a lot. The 3D printer streamlined the process of repeated failures. Each time I get ideas on how to build the next one better or my mind goes off on a different route. I know this can become a real thing but I also have to design one with my level of tech and production abilities.

This time a plan was laid out. They are vague because they have to be but it still breaks up the end goal. The first step, which I haven’t done in any previous version, will be to produce a haptic compass. A haptic compass will be one which can relay heading information through touch. This is not a novel idea, the Northpaw does this with eight vibrating motors and is a GREAT example of wearable technology. But it takes batteries and I want to make one that is purely mechanical.

Each revision corrects at least one problem with the previous version or is a step toward a working model. The first three spinners just act like a compass, they don’t have any other purpose other than to make sure that I was making a workable compass. The last two have a special base so they, hopefully, don’t wobble unless they face north. This wobbling will be, hopefully, be what causes a different sensation while facing north.

Pen sketch of spinner idea

Model based on pen sketch. Hollow bottom

Revised for conical/solid bottom

Outside edge was made smooth

Keyed bottom instead of simple cone. Rounded edges to allow wobbling

Conical top again to avoid toppling. Larger magnets

Two halves of printed compass

Both halves together

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