2015-12-20 (Su) ESPeri.Impass

Revisions to the compass spinner model fixed problems but old ones reappeared. Lowering the pivot point made a smaller device but the stability was gone and the spinner would not sit horizontally. A version was printed where the pivot point was raised and it created a cone shaped protrusion on the top of the spinner. It was printed with supports but the print would not come out well.

Errors in spinner print

Recent revisions raised the pivot point and filled in the area above the spinner so it would print solidly. This design relied on the weight of the magnets to offset the weight of the semi-hollow plastic above the pivot point. The pivot point was also made as a sharp point again.

Spinner with cap to print level and lower magnets below pivot point

Video was shot to demonstrate the effectiveness of the compass. A simple base, with no effective post shaping, was set down and the spinner was allowed to rest before the video was shot. Narration explains that the spinner was given enough force to spin freely and demonstrate low friction movement. The compass comes to a rest at the same direction as the starting direction.

Video demonstration of compass spinning and returning to north

To do:
  • Optional:
    • Add compass rose to spinner
    • Add holes to reduce plastic
  • Add “keyed” features to only allow slop when facing north
  • Make handheld haptic compass
  • Make compass work from pocket or necklace
  • Miniaturize

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2015-12-20 (Su)