2015-12-23 (W) ESPeri.Impass

Yesterday's models were printed and the prints looked accurate and precise but the clearance between the spinner and base was not enough to allow proper wobbling when facing north/south. Yesterday the idea was brought up to simplify the model. While thinking about this idea it seemed obvious to model the socket in the spinner and the post on the base as a single function in OpenSCAD. The gap between them would be achieved by scaling the size up or down according to a single variable.

Taking the long road to find a usable design only to completely erase the code and start again doesn't seem silly since the concept was proven in the video which shows wobbling when facing north. The design developed naturally and was hastened by 3D printing.

 Almost no clearance when facing east/west

Binding, but some clearance, when facing north/south

Spinning on base. For. Ever.

A sketch was made illustrating the basic shapes in the spinner socket and post. There would be three shapes.

  • The cone at the top which would become the pivot point at the tip. 
  • The cylinder below the cone which would become the post.
  • The cuboid which would become the keyed shape in the spinner socket.

Sketch of shapes for simplified compass model

To do:
  • Optional:
      • Add compass rose to spinner
    • Remodel spinner as simpler shapes
      • Sphere
      • Pivot at center
      • Keyed bottom hole
      • Magnet pockets in bottom half
    • Compare code of original to updated 
    • Make handheld haptic compass
    • Make compass work from pocket or necklace
    • Miniaturize

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