2016-01-14 (Th) ESPeri.Impass

While traveling to CES I noticed a recycling bin which used the same shape hole as the keyed bottom of my spinner. Neat.

Enough background.

A base was needed to hold the spinner. Since the spinner had been designed around 1/4" bolt dimensions brass tube was purchased which was the same diameter as the minor diameter of a bolt. Minor diameter on a bolt is the size at the bottom of the threads. Initially a bolt was going to have the threads removed on two faces but this would not be a simple task. Designs for a base which used a brass tube with and Outside Diameter of 3.17mm were sketched.

Sketch to use a brass tube between two nails

A second design was sketched which used three nails and no brass pipe. Using a brass pipe as the post would have been problematic because a nail would still have to poke through it so the spinner would have something pointy to rest on. Nails on the side would act as the wide part of the base where the magnets would tap. When the magnet wasn't facing north the side nails would rest right against the sides of the keyed spinner.

Sketch to use only nails

A print was made. The nails were much too far apart. Fortunately the code written for the base was able to be modified easily for the next print.

Printed design

To do:
  • Make handheld haptic compass
  • Make compass work from pocket or necklace
  • Miniaturize
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2016-01-14 (Th)