2016-01-30 (Sa) ESPeri.Impass

A new model replaced the first. It was virtually identical but 3mm shorter. Instead of using multiple recurrences of the simulated grommet it used cylinders to make grooves. The recurring grommet was causing problems when slicing the model to prepare it for printing. By making it from simple shapes the slicing routine didn't have any problems. It also made the code shorter. Before reduction the code for this spinner was 109 lines long and after it was 73 lines long. 1/3 of the code's bulk was gone.

Unwanted distortion in the print was reduced by adding support material. A picture was taken to illustrate the distortion in the old model, shown in the background, compared the to new model in the foreground. Some distortion was still present, mostly at the point where the two halves join, which will have to be sanded away before gluing halves together.

Picture showing the new model and old model

To do:
  • Make handheld haptic compass
  • Make compass work from pocket or necklace
  • Miniaturize
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