2016-02-01 (M) ESPeri.Impass

The previous model file was not altered in shape. Instead the way the pieces were split up was changed. Rather than simply cutting the model in half the column was split into two pieces like before but the top was absent from those halves. Then the top was modeled separately and upside-down so the pieces could all be printed as they were rendered.

Spinning model

The pieces all printed well but they had rough edges so they were sanded flat. The cone shape in the top portion looked like smooth concentric rings, due to printer layers, which was important for easy spinning. When the grommet was installed the sides compressed it slightly so the hole in grommet was not a uniform circle.

Printed spinner parts after sanding

All three parts of the spinner were glued together and given several hours to dry. Ordinary super glue was used but modeling glue could also have been used. Spinning performance was good and the collisions were greatly muffled. The next steps will be taken for making this spinner type haptic.

Assembled spinner with grommet installed

To do:
  • Remodel into a 3 piece design
    • Post cone receiver
    • Grommet adapter, side 1
    • Grommet adapter, side 2
  • Design enclosure based on old enclosure
    • Use a larger hole in the bottom for the rivet
    • Add short wall
    • Wall can completely surround
    • Add protrusion to lid
  • Add protrusion from spinner to intersect lid
  • Make handheld haptic compass
  • Make compass work from pocket or necklace
  • Miniaturize
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