2016-02-10 (W) ESPeri.Impass

O-rings were purchased to go around the two most recent spinners. Two different thickness o-rings were purchased to go above the magnets. The hope was that the thickness of the ring would go far enough away from the spinner that the rubber would hit the jar instead of the magnet. So long as the rubber hits first it should dampen the impact. Unfortunately neither thickness was enough to reach beyond the magnets.

O-ring above the magnets

Two o-rings were purchased to go below the magnets on the spinner printed yesterday. Each ring was a different thickness. The hope was that the angle of the spinner during an intersection would be enough that the ring would not need to stand out further than the magnet. Only the small diameter ring would stay on the spinner.

Small o-ring below the magnets
Since a larger diameter o-ring was available it was measured so a new spinner could be printed which would be capable of accommodating it. The diameter of the ring was approximately 3.5mm while the printed spinner was only meant for a 2mm thickness. This 2mm thickness was a guess rather than based on a real object.

Diameter of o-ring

To do:
  • Make handheld haptic compass
  • Make compass work from pocket or necklace
  • Miniaturize
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2016-02-10 (W)