2016-02-11 (Th) ESPeri.Impass

It was difficult to gauge how close or far the spinner was to tapping on the jar’s ceiling. One cap was trimmed on an edge to expose the inside. This cap can hopefully be exchange with future models to estimate inside dimensions through observation rather than guesswork or trial-and-error.

Modified cap

Changes from yesterday’s spinner model were made so a thicker o-ring could be attached below the magnets. Magnets were glued in place by simple estimation without the ring in place. The o-ring attached easily and sat right against the magnets and spinner. When the jar was shaken the collisions between the spinner and jar were dampened, as hoped. The base which sat in the bottom of the jar was loose and caused undesirable collisions so it should be glued in place.

 O-ring touching jar

The previous print of the ceiling, which was keyed to provide a protrusion for spinner collisions, fit into the lid by tension alone while the current print had to be glued in place. Too much tension was applied to the glued surfaces and they came undone. The base and ceiling should be glued into place and the post should be adjusted to account for the height.

Parts which should have glue

To do:
  • Make handheld haptic compass
  • Make compass work from pocket or necklace
  • Miniaturize
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