2016-03-01 (Tu) Cyborg Heart Rate Sensor

The Arduno Uno used in yesterday's experiment was much too large for any kind of wearable but made for an easy test platform since and Arduino Uno is a very standard model for testing. The included header sockets also made it easy to connect the sensor. A more compact version was a Digispark by Digistump. These programmable boards are Arduino compatible and small.

Leads on the heart rate sensor were removed and replaced with short solid 26AWG wires salvaged from an old ethernet cord. The three wires were power, ground and signal but not in that order.

Heart rate sensor with short leads soldered to the back

The power and ground leads were trimmed and stripped so they could be soldered to the power and ground vias on the Digispark. The signal wire was run to pin 2 which is also to analog 1. This is a quirk of the ATtiny85. Each component fits nicely together to make a total package 1" (25mm) long, 3/4" (19mm) wide and 1/3" (8mm) thick. No glue was used, only the soldered wires were used to hold the components together.

Assembled unit close-up

Unit next to a ruler and standard paperclips

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