2016-03-05 (Sa) Cyborg Heart Rate Sensor

The coils made yesterday were gathered. A diode should have been soldered across the terminals but one wasn’t immediately available. The diode would act as a flyback diode which is also called a snubbing diode. A simple oscillating program was written to pulse the output with a 20mS pulse a every 720mS, or about my resting heartrate. Each coil was tested but the coil with the longest wire was the only one that could be felt.

Coils made yesterday
Testing coils with oscillating code

Code for the heartrate sensor was put back in the Arduino after it was modified to output the pulses to the correct output. This was done incorrectly a few times so it took longer than it should have. Once the code was working I could feel my pulse through an implanted magnet which may be a world first! Next, I will have to be the first person to sense another person’s heartbeat through my magnet implant.

Sensing heartbeat through implanted magnet

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