2016-03-08 (Tu) Cyborg Heart Rate Sensor

A vibrator motor version of the heart rate sensor was started. This version wouldn't rely on the user having a finger magnet. Feedback would be in the form of a small vibrating motor, which have been inexpensive online. The least expensive ones were 3V but have withstood 5V many times. Do this at your own risk.

Parts gathered for this project

After some problems with the wiring and clumsily breaking some of the traces the heart rate sensor was connected to the controller. This time it was glued to the back of the board with hot glue. Two of the large vias along the edges of the heart rate board are electrically continuous with the connectors used to operate the board. The third via doesn't seem to work this way which was confusing since it seemed like the holes were there so the device could be sewn into wearable projects with conductive thread.

Controller and heart sensor module connected

The modified stock program for running the sensor was put in the controller but there didn't seem to be enough power available at the pin to run the motor so a transistor was added just like the cyborg version. Results from the cyborg version couldn't be replicated though and the motor wouldn't operate as expected. Some experimentation destroyed the transistor so another method will have to be found.

Picture taken before the transistor let out the "magic smoke"

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