2016-03-29 (Tu) Drip Coffee Maker COMPLETED

When the polyurethane was dry the flat surfaces were sanded smooth with 600grit abrasive paper. The decoratively routed edges were not sanded because they became hazy when sanded after the first coat.

The top platform had the 1/4-20 rods inserted into the sockets already embedded in the wood. Corresponding brass nuts were added to the rod and tightened against the socket. These nuts would not be very visible but brass was still used because they would be seen if someone inspected it closely. Brass tubes were put over the threaded rod.

Threaded rods, brass nuts and brass tubes

On top of the brass tube finishing washers were placed so the tube captured the depression in the middle of the washer. These were tightened in place with more brass nuts. These nuts were tightened hard enough to hold everything securely but not enough to deform the washers. Since the brass rods were all the same length the bottom platform rested levelly when placed on the exposed stubs of the threaded rods.

Bottom platform with finishing washers and brass nuts

On the bottom of the platform brass washers were put against the wood and more nuts were added to hold everything solid. Thick rubber feet were also purchased so the whole device would not scratch any surface where it was placed. Their flexibility also allowed minor differences in the brass rod to go unnoticed or it might not sit level. Using three rods would have eliminated this concern.

Rubber feet on underside of bottom platform

The finishing touch was four brass corner protectors. These flashy components were the reason the bottom platform was not routed. Each of them required a square corner so there were no gaps. They attach with three included screws each. Pilot holes were drilled for each screw using a hand screwdriver.

Brass corners attached to the bottom platform

With all the components attached the project was completed and the mirror was placed on the center before the Chemex coffee maker was placed on that. A photo burst was taken to give a 3D sense of the project.

Completed coffee maker

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