2016-04-03 (Su) Charged: DesertIrish

Jason and Shana arrived at Motor and Head's yard separately and were given the tour and each time it ended with the secret lair in the garage. Dawson began to call the place the lair, especially after a lunch with Motor and Head where they talked about villains in the Charged universe.

Shana's return prompted a relationship talk since she had rejected Head the night before when he advanced romantically. The talk fell into a common trope of women only talking about relationships so when it was time to find Shana a vegan lunch it was Heather who drove Dawson's car to a co-op. When they returned Dawson kept up the trope by asking if they continued to talk about Head at which point Heather shattered the line by trivializing that conversation and in fact they found their powers could mix, to Heather's advantage, so she could partially analyze items at a distance rather than having to touch them. Check out the Bechdel Test.

Jason did his best to secure the underground lair then proceeded to tell everyone about the list from Charged Minds which contained the names of two hundred Charged people, each having abilities potentially useful to the project. The list recitation was lengthy and cut short when people decided they were hungry and exhausted. After a dinner their energy was restored and their desire to talk about who they liked won over and they returned to the lair.


To do:
  • Show how Shana knew Motor and Heather were a new couple.
  • Reduce overuse of the word "power."
  • Describe a reality TV show which demonstrates the powers of contestants.
  • Describe a trial where a Charged person sues for the right to have a second identity but the case turns against him into a vilification of vigilantism.
Total word count: 27 240 + 60 228 + 83 897 = 171 365 words

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