2016-04-12 (Tu) Charged: DesertIrish

Chapter three is going to be longer than chapter two. There are also many more characters and I’m trying to give them unique sounding voices, or at least different inflections. Audiobooks I’ve listened to in the past have prepared me for what I want to hear but not how to deliver. I knew voice acting would not be easy but it is rewarding, even if the result is not award-winning.

Another microphone was ordered with the intention of narration but switching microphones during the book would create a different sound. If the sound quality is better recording may start over, which would probably be a good idea in order to correct some of the mistakes in the first part.

Noise in the recording may be a problem and since I don’t want to create an entire recording studio it may simply become a part of the first try. To combat this ambient sound loops appropriate to the book’s setting may be added. For example, if the scene is taking place in a car a sound loop from a car could be added in the background. It would not be loud, almost indistinguishable but it may cover some of the noise.


To do:
  • Read part 1 out loud to find errors 
  • Show how Shana knew Motor and Heather were a new couple.
  • Reduce overuse of the word "power."
  • Describe a reality TV show which demonstrates the powers of contestants.
  • Describe a trial where a Charged person sues for the right to have a second identity but the case turns against him into a vilification of vigilantism
Total word count: 27 240 + 60 228 + 83 897 = 171 365 words

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