2016-05-14 (Sa) Charged: DesertIrish

Chapter 23 was recorded and the text was edited.

A few things have become apparent while recording and deserve to be shared. Do not eat spicy foods before recording because they can cause a runny nose and that can get distracting while recording. Similarly, don’t drink dairy right before recording because that can cause phlegm to build up to the point of being audible or make throat clearing necessary during a recording.

If you enjoy caffeinated products DO have some before recording because it can make you sound more energetic, a little goes a long way for me. Be wary because caffeine is also a diuretic and you may need a bathroom break before too long.

Mood is important. Feeling tired or unhappy will sound much different than happy and energetic, unless you are a good actor. Try to avoid doing things that will drag you down, do things that get you excited to tackle a recording task. For me, listening to swing or ska music in the kitchen gets the blood pumping and feet moving. Driving in rush hour traffic however doesn't improve my mood or stamina.

The best was saved for last. If your recording space is an enclosed space the size of a phone booth like mine with minimal air movement, like mine, do not pass gas inside. It will not dissipate quickly and you will regret it.


To do:
  • Show how Shana knew Motor and Heather were a new couple.
  • Describe a reality TV show which demonstrates the powers of contestants.
  • Describe a trial where a Charged person sues for the right to have a second identity but the case turns against him into a vilification of vigilantism.
Total word count: 27 240 + 60 228 + 83 897 = 171 365 words

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