2016-06-29 (W) 2 Cyborgs and a Microphone

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Episode 3, Terms and TC+ was recorded with Tim Shank. Recording went well. Beforehand my computer monitor failed. It has done this in the past and usually corrected itself after I make a cup of tea but my cohost was waiting for me to get ready so I had to find a faster solution. I swapped the cable going to the monitor. That didn’t work. I swapped the monitor for its identical sister. That didn’t work. Then I used the second monitor with the second cable and it finally worked. Hopefully this is a temporary problem with the monitors and I don’t need to buy new ones. Although the price on monitors keeps dropping so I could get a nice pair without spending too much.

This marked the first episode recorded with a different microphone setup. Instead of an amplified shotgun mic a condenser microphone was used. Episode one was fraught with problems, including a faulty mixer, which was made by the same company which made my microphone adapter. I was nervous about the switch but it worked well and the microphone was not as prone to dropping off when I turned my head.

Tim and I met because of TC+ and is responsible for bringing together a lot of human biohackers in the area. TC+ has done a lot of other good in the area but listen to the podcast tomorrow to find out what it has done.

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