2016-07-10 (Su) Binaural Recording Microphone

Since the equipment didn’t provide adequate sound quality the stock microphones which came with the sound card were taken out to record examples. Wind was occasionally an issue since the microphones didn’t have windscreens. New microphones ordered for this project do have windscreens but they may be replaced with different screens. Presumably any textile will provide some wind protection and multiple layers could provide enough without affecting sound adversely. This may be explored after a working set is constructed. A simply stocking cap may be enough protection.

The recordings listed below should give good examples of binaural recording. Ear buds were the preferred listening device but some over-the-ear headphones may work well. Some work better than other. The shortest sound, Knock on wood, is a good test. It’s only two seconds long and the 3d sense is highest in that file. If listening to the sound makes it seem like a knock happens close to your head the headphones and sound card are good for binaural listening.

Microphone test to determine channel separation and noise

Walking through and outdoor restaurant (1:43)
Walking around a lake (35:13)
Dropping things (0:37)
Knock on wood (0:02)

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