2016-07-13 (W) Binaural Recording Microphone

Yesterday a sketch was made which would provide the necessary framework to model a mount for the ear-shaped microphones and a recorder. The whole apparatus could mount to a tripod. Some additional hardware was necessary for this including a hex nut and a captive bolt.

 Yesterday's sketch

 The model was made quickly but the measurements for the hardware were unknown so they were only given approximations during the modeling. When the parts were handy they were measured with digital calipers and it was a simple matter of putting the numbers into the code.

Calipers and things to be measured

Rendering on the model went quickly with all the measurements since it was a simple design. The premise was that each ear-shaped microphone would be glued into the semi-circle on the end and also stick to the vertical plane. The center of the rod would have a 1/4-20 nut held in place so the whole thing could mount on a tripod. The holes on the outside were to hold a captive bolt so tripod mountables, like phones, tablets or cameras could be held. 3D printing started during the evening.

Model of microphone holder

Walking through and outdoor restaurant (1:43)
Walking around a lake (35:13)
Dropping things (0:37)
Knock on wood (0:02)

Microphone holder
Addamay's ear model on thingiverse

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