2016-09-11 (Su) Clockwork Theremin

Some of the gears were drilled to make room for screws to act as the axles. The finished parts should have ball bears for reduced friction and longevity. All the gears were mounted on a piece of scrap wood by just placing the gears in approximately the correct location.

Gears arranged on board

Parts receiving final inspection from the supervisor

A 13/16" (20mm) hole was drilled and a small motor was fit inside. The scale model of the 200mm gear was put on top of the furnished gear of the salvaged motor. A channel will have to be made for the motor's leads.

Wires can be seen below the motorized gear

While playing with the scale models it seemed that the smallest gear, the 100mm diameter gear, was not a good fit when connected to the other gears. Upon closer inspection the teeth do not align well so the small gear may need to be revised.

Parts list:

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