2016-09-13 (Tu) Clockwork Theremin

Two options were explored for fixing the problem with the smallest gear. As it was mentioned earlier the smallest gear did not have teeth compatible with the larger gears. This was a fault in the spur gear generator program written for OpenSCAD. The first option was to replace all the 100mm diameter gears with the 200mm gears and lose some of the torque. This was explored by making a color sketch of the gear proportions on a rectangular grid.
Color sketch of gears

Another option was to take the teeth from the small gear and array them in a 2D CAD program to ensure the dimensions were appropriate. This was done with a 7-tooth gear and an 8-tooth gear. The wide variety of gear sizes in the enclosure and the high torque factor made this the avenue to pursue first. As a secondary plan, the small gears can be replaced.

Paper cutouts next to plastic gear

Parts list:

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