2016-09-17 (Sa) Clockwork Theremin

Yesterday's panel layout made it clear there would be one part difficult to produce out of plastic. The piece had a couple chamfers but it was otherwise blank. Rather than leave the panel blank a model was sketch to take the place and provide the S symbol which has been used in the past.

Sketch of plate

OpenSCAD was used to make a model of the plate which included the chamfers, symbol, screw holes and was hollowed out so it wouldn't waste plastic. All the modeling was done from scratch aside from the symbol.

Rotating view of model

A print was made of the panel. It was done with the flat side up even though this was illogical from the standpoint of conserving plastic. Given the theatrical and educational nature of this project it was more important to show that this panel was a 3D printed piece so the exposed part was printed as the top which always has the distinctive look of a part made on a 3D printer.

Print of panel

Parts list:

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